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Are you looking for replacement windows for your home in Albany? Do you want to work with a trusted company with decades of experience? Top Form Contracting is your go-to contractor. We help households all across the Willamette Valley, including cities such as Eugene, Corvallis, and surrounding cities in the Portland metro area. If you want replacement windows that are durable, long-lasting, and perfectly matched to your preferences, Top Form Contracting is the contractor for you.

Each client we work with can expect excellence at every turn. You will not only love the final results of your window replacements, but you will also love working with our team. Our professional contractors meet industry standards with every installation. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way to ensure a smooth installation process and positive results. We can’t wait to deliver the window replacements you deserve.

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Vinyl windows are a popular window style. Homeowners in Albany and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest prefer vinyl windows for a variety of reasons.

Energy efficiency is a concern for most homeowners. Without energy-efficient windows, you face the probability of higher monthly bills due to drafts and escaping air. Vinyl windows are both beautiful AND energy-efficient. They are perfect for summer and winter conditions and keep the temperature inside of your home consistent.

Vinyl windows are also extremely durable. Pacific Northwest inhabitants gravitate towards vinyl windows for this reason. Heavy rain, wind, or storms are no match against vinyl windows. Throughout every season, you can trust these windows to stand up to inclement weather.


Vinyl windows aren’t the only style of windows we offer. There are plenty of options to choose from when you partner with Top Form Contracting. With decades of combined experience, our team has the industry knowledge and expertise necessary to provide professional recommendations.

Some suggestions you might consider for your new windows include vinyl, as well as window types like wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite. Based on your budget and lifestyle needs, we help you choose the best windows for your home.

Wood-frame windows are traditional, strong, and beautiful. Investing in the right wood-frame window replacements will serve your household well for years to come. Although these windows must be stained periodically, for some homeowners, they are worth the upkeep.

Aluminum-frame windows are both low cost and low maintenance. If you decide to go with aluminum windows, we recommend choosing a model that limits heat conductivity in the winter and excess condensation in the summer.

Fiberglass or composite replacement windows are popular, modern options. They are highly energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and affordable. Composite windows are made from a blend of materials and mimic the look and feel of wood. However, they are extremely low maintenance compared to traditional wood.


We are happy to answer any questions you have about window replacements, especially if you are unsure about which model or brand to choose.

The right replacement windows can make or break your heating and cooling costs. They can also make a substantial difference in your home’s curb appeal. Both efficiency and style are the two factors you should consider most when you are looking at replacement windows.

Old windows cause drafts, which can increase one’s monthly heating and cooling costs. You may want to consider energy-efficient windows if excessive drafts are an issue.

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You should also take into consideration the look or feel of your new windows. Matching both style and efficiency should be the top goal of any window replacement. Our skilled contractors work with you to pair both of these needs together perfectly.

So, which replacement windows are best? Well, it depends on your household, your budget, and your needs. With Top Form Contracting, we take the time to get to know you and understand what you want most out of your windows. The best replacement windows for each client will differ, and we are happy to help you determine which windows will be the right match for you.


The cost of your new windows will depend on several factors. If you are undergoing a complete remodel or new construction, you can expect to pay a bit more for your window installations. Window replacements on an existing home will cost less depending on the number of replacements you need.

The best way to answer this question is to give us a call. We offer free estimates to help you determine which windows will fit your budget and needs. Our experts are ready to help!

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Installing replacement windows on your own is a bad idea. You should always enlist the help of a professional to ensure your new windows fit properly. Not to mention, It is easy to hurt yourself or potentially break your new windows by trying to install them yourself.

We highly recommend connecting with our team to spare yourself the drama that can come with a DIY project. Window installations require specialized tools, experienced techniques, and oversight from a professional. Without a team to help you, you may end up damaging your home, injuring yourself, or forking over more money than you originally planned.

Top Form Contracting will take care of your window installation from beginning to end. Trust our team to help you and we promise you will love the outcome of your new windows. From brand and style selection to the final installation, we are the team you can count on.


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Our professional contractors and designers at Top Form Contracting are eager to bring your vision to fruition. We believe that each client and homeowner we work with deserves the best of what we can bring to the table. Thanks to our exceptional team, design-minded techniques, and high-quality materials, our window replacements always exceed expectations.

In addition to our window installations and replacements, we also provide siding installations, decking construction, dry rot repairs, and other services for remodeling and new construction projects. Visit our website pages to learn more about our other contracting services in and around Albany.

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No matter where you are in the Willamette Valley, our team is ready to come to you and deliver the window installations or replacements you need. In addition to serving households and businesses in Albany, Corvallis, Philomath, and Eugene, we also proudly serve those in the greater Portland metro area, including Tualatin, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, and other cities.

We are eager to provide you with the exceptional window replacements you deserve. Connect with our team in Albany today for an estimate.

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