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Essential Aging-in-Place Upgrades | Albany, OR

Aging-in-place upgrades have become wildly popular in the last decade or so. Aging-in-place, and any upgrades associated with the term, refers to the ability and/or desire to remain in the same home as one ages. To do this, certain renovations and remodels of one’s home are necessary.

At Top Form Contracting, we help our clients age-in-place with the right installations, upgrades, and home improvements. A lot of residential properties are not set up with the kind of accommodations you find at adult care facilities or retirement communities. For this reason, a lot of individuals and couples choose to leave their homes and relocate to an independent living community.

Fortunately, aging-in-place upgrades are a great option for those that need a little extra help getting around their homes safely and would prefer to stay at home, rather than relocate.

The following article details the top 9 aging-in-place upgrades that are cost-effective and make a huge difference in day-to-day life. Keep reading to learn more! If you are ready to start implementing aging-in-place upgrades for your home today, give our team a call now: (541) 926-4597.

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9 Must-Have Aging-in-Place Upgrades

1 – Lighting

Dim lighting presents a hazard, especially near sharp corners, staircases, and dark hallways. A little bit of lighting will go a long way in terms of safety. Recessed lighting with a dimmer switch is a good aging-in-place upgrade since you can have a controlled amount of light on at all times.

Motion-activated lights are another great option since they guarantee that hallways, bathrooms, and other areas are well lit, even in the middle of the night. Motion-sensing lights are fairly inexpensive and easy to install, but make a huge lifestyle difference for those aging-in-place.

2 – Grab Bar Installations

Grab bars are some of the most common aging-in-place upgrades our clients request. They are especially helpful for those with mobility or balance issues. Grab bars are commonly installed in bathrooms, but they can be placed anywhere in your home where needed.

Grab bars come in lots of different styles and finishes, so you don’t need to worry about your home feeling sterile or clinic with these additions. They are great for peace of mind, safety, and can blend right into your current decor.

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3 – Ramp Installations

Installing a ramp to your home’s entrance makes life a whole lot easier. If you or someone in your household uses a wheelchair or walker, this is an aging-in-place you need to consider. Permanent ramps can be costly, but they are well worth the investment for safety and aesthetic purposes.

4 – Wider Doors

Wheelchair and walker users greatly benefit from this aging-in-place addition. Navigating tight doorways is frustrating, on top of trying to maintain balance in a cramped door space. Widening entryways and doors throughout your home can prevent injury and make it easier to go about one’s daily life.

5 – Upgrade Faucets

This aging-in-place addition may seem minor, but it makes a big difference for those with arthritis. Lever handles or hands-free faucets are great replacements for turn knob faucets, which require twisting or pulling to use.

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6 – Upgrade Door Knobs

Just as you might consider swapping out faucets, don’t forget the door knobs too. Lever door knobs are much easier to operate than traditional knobs.

7 – Heated Floors

One aging-in-place you might consider is heated floors. Although this may sound frivolous to some, it is actually a necessity for many. Aging adults are more prone to chills and temperature changes. Heated floors in the bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas throughout the home can ensure comfort and consistent warmth.

8 – No Slip Tile

In addition to no-slip mats in the bathrooms and kitchen, you may want to consider no-slip tile. These specialized tiles mimic the same look as tile, marble, and other materials, but come with the added benefit of being much safer than traditional tile.

9 – Add Home Technology

If you have yet to introduce technology into your home as you age-in-place or help a loved one do so, now is a perfect time! Home technology has never been more user-friendly or easy to integrate into your daily life.

Here are some great technology upgrades for those wanting to age-in-place:

Smart Locks: Electronic locks are great for any household. They allow for easy access, especially if you opt for a keyless model.
Home Security: While you are considering aging-in-place upgrades, it is wise to install a home security system as part of your to-do list. You don’t have to install a widely expensive or intricate model. In fact, doorbell cameras and other smaller devices are perfect for aging-in-place renovations, since they add an extra layer of security without breaking your budget.
Virtual Assistance Devices: Thanks to technology, just the sound of our voice is enough to set alarms, send messages, and set reminders for ourselves. Virtual assistant devices should be integrated into your remodel or renovation for added convenience and peace of mind.

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Top Form Contracting has decades of experience helping homeowners in the area with renovations, remodels, and aging-in-place upgrades. We have the team and tools needed to not only get the job done right, but also exceed your expectations by the time we are finished.

Aging-in-place is a positive experience for many homeowners. We can’t wait to help ensure that your home is comfortable and safe for years to come. Let us know what aging-in-place upgrades you need and we’ll get to work!

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