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Assisted living construction is more than just building structures. It’s about creating a home that offers comfort, safety, and functionality to its residents. The aim is to construct not only a visually appealing establishment but one that caters to the particular requirements of elderly people.

The process involves careful planning and design, taking into account several crucial factors, like accessibility, lighting, space arrangement, and safety measures. For instance, special attention is given to features such as wide doorways for wheelchair access or handrails in hallways and bathrooms for added support. Need a contractor who can take on the challenge of assisted living construction in Albany, OR? Top Form Contracting is here to help!

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Assisted Living Remodeling

If an existing structure is in place but needs upgrades to meet the demands of senior residents, remodeling is a fantastic option. This process can transform dated facilities into modern havens that prioritize safety, accessibility, and comfort. This is a great option if you have an established building that needs a facelift.

Assisted Living Construction Albany Contractor

Why Choose Top Form Contracting for Your Senior Living Facility Construction?

Here are some reasons to choose us:

High-Quality Work

We take great satisfaction in providing superior work that stands the test of time. Our constructions aren’t just buildings; they become homes to those who need them most.

Quick Response Times

Your project won’t linger with us. When you reach out to Top Form Contracting, you can expect prompt and professional responses from our dedicated team.


No one likes waiting around – least of all when it’s about creating comfortable spaces for loved ones or residents. That’s why we make sure each project starts on schedule and ends within the agreed time frame.

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FAQs About Senior Living Construction

What is the meaning of senior living?

Senior living refers to housing specifically designed for older adults who can live independently but prefer access to assistance with daily tasks if needed.

What makes Top Form Contracting's approach to assisted living construction unique?

We use a resident-first design strategy. We believe in creating spaces that not only meet safety standards but also promote comfort and community.

Do you provide remodeling services for existing assisted living facilities?

Absolutely. Our team is skilled at assisted living remodels. We can modernize your facility while ensuring minimal disruption to residents.

What are the key features of assisted living construction?

They value communal spaces. It’s not just about individual rooms but also areas where people can gather together. From dining halls to outdoor patios or gardens, social interaction gets encouraged here.

To create these top-notch environments, we use innovative design principles like natural lighting utilization and strategically placed amenities within each facility for maximum accessibility.

Last but not least, quality materials get used throughout each project so you don’t have to worry about durability or long-term maintenance issues down the line.

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