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Wood Siding vs. Fiber-Cement Siding: What Is the Difference?

It’s no secret there are many great type of siding on the market (and the same can be said about siding contractors). However, when it comes to your home or business, there’s a good chance you want to know more about the siding options available to you so that you can trust you’re making the right choice.

Two of the best siding materials are wood and fiber cement. In this blog, we’re going to cover some pros and cons of wood siding vs. fiber-cement siding to help you make an educated decision about which type of siding is best for your needs.

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Differences Between Wood Siding vs. Fiber-Cement Siding

Wood and fiber cement are among the most popular exterior siding options for property owners. Each choice has its pros and cons. Here’s everything you need to know about wood siding vs. fiber-cement siding:

Wood Siding

Wood siding is applied to the outside of a building structure to provide protection from the elements. Wooden frames made from plywood line the exterior walls of most modern homes. Then, a house wrap gets installed over the frames for a second protective layer. 

Lastly, the exterior walls are lined with wooden siding panels, which add style, insulation, and a third layer of protection. Most wooden siding panels are available in plywood, shingles, clapboard, or rectangular plank. 

The benefits of wood siding include: 

  • It’s easy to replace.
  • It can be painted or stained any color.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • It’s generally quick to make wood siding repairs.

The main drawback of wood siding is that it can become damaged by termites, water, or insects. In other words, it is important to keep up with siding maintenance to ensure that no issues go unnoticed and that repairs are done in a timely manner to protect your home. 

One thing you can do to maintain your siding is inspect it often for warping, dry rot, etc. You should also clean your siding one time every two years at a minimum. All you’ll need is a soft brush and lukewarm water with a splash of soap to get started. If you notice damage during your cleanings, you can call a siding repair specialist, such as Top Form Contracting

Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement siding contains a combination of cement, cellulose fibers, sand, and water. Together, these materials provide the highest level of durability, flexibility, and protection. We often use fiber-cement siding on residential homes and commercial properties since it is long lasting, economical, and easy to maintain. 

Here are some other advantages of fiber-cement siding: 

  • Unlike wood siding, it’s impervious to fire, moisture, temperature changes, and insects. 
  • It’s significantly lighter than brick and stone. 
  • Fiber-cement siding typically comes in clapboard and shingles, which can be painted.
  • It can emulate wood and other textures. 

What are the disadvantages of fiber-cement siding? All in all, it’s an incredible type of siding. However, it can cost more to install than other types of siding, aside from wood siding. Of course, this may pay off in the long run, as fiber-cement siding may also require less maintenance than alternatives.

At Top Form Contracting, we offer James Hardie fiber-cement siding, which is one of the world’s leading siding options. It’s known for its pristine quality and for being long lasting. (Learn more about our siding installation services.)

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Is Fiber-Cement Siding Better Than Wood?

Both are great siding options. However, fiber-cement siding has been shown to stand up better against the elements and time. That means that if you value durability, fiber cement is a wonderful choice.

Is Wood Siding Cheaper Than Fiber Cement?

Generally, wood siding costs more than fiber-cement siding. However, the exact price varies based on many factors, such as who you choose to install your house siding and the amount of siding you need. It’s important to get a quote from your siding company before the installation so that you can ensure the job is within your budget. 

At Top Form Contracting, wood siding repairs can range from $500 to $2,000 or more based on your needs. Fiber-cement siding repairs could be anywhere from $800 to $1,400 depending on the issue. Learn more about how we calculate the cost of siding repairs

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