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Do I Need a Permit to Build a Patio Cover?

With the warm weather in full swing, one question we keep hearing is:

How soon can you build me a patio cover

…And for good reason!

Patio covers are the missing piece to your outdoor living area, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that is equally functional. 

If you’re ready to get your patio cover construction underway and are wondering whether you need a permit to build a patio cover, you’re in good hands. We’re here to cover the generics and Albany, OR, to take the stress off your plate. 

Let’s get started!

Patio Cover with thick beam supports

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Patio Cover?

Whether you need a permit to build a patio cover depends on your location. To find out if you need a permit, talk to the contractor in charge of your patio cover construction.

As contractors, we know the necessary laws and regulations in each state, city, and county, and we will help you figure out what needs to be in place before construction begins.

At Top Form Contracting, we pride ourselves on excellent communication skills and professionalism, keeping clients like yourself in the know at all times. That includes making sure you have all the necessary information before we begin construction on your patio cover in Albany.

Is It Required to Get a Permit for Patio Cover Construction in Albany, OR?

According to the City of Albany, Oregon, it is not a requirement to get a permit for a patio cover if the patio cover is equal to or less than 200 square feet and 12 feet tall, among other criteria.

Read more about the requirements for patio cover construction in Albany, Oregon, on the City website. If your patio cover does not meet the requirements listed above, you would need to get a permit for construction to commence.

How Much Is a Permit for a Patio Cover?

The cost for a permit varies depending on where you live. Contact the City to get accurate pricing for a patio cover permit.

Do Covered Patios Add Value?

Even though you may have to go through the hassle of getting a permit if you’re building a patio cover depending on the city, patios can do wonders for your home value. In fact, reports show that most patio covers typically come with an 80% ROI and an increase in home value by as much as 8%-12%. A quality contractor is key here.

Covered outdoor patios are among the most desirable and provide the largest ROI if you ever decide to sell your home. There are many reasons for this (e.g., privacy, aesthetics, functionality, etc.).

Patio Cover in Lush Green Yard

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We hope this blog about permits for patio covers helped clear up a few questions for you. If you’re interested in patio cover construction in Albany, we would be glad to work together.

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