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Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get our fair share of rain. This, in addition to other types of weather, can deteriorate your siding over time. That means dulling the color and weakening the siding’s integrity, which can allow the natural elements to creep inside. 

Instead of leaving your siding helpless against the temperamental Oregon weather, consider replacing the siding on your house. Not only can it keep your home exterior strong and intact, but it can also elevate your home value and increase your curb appeal for potential buyers.

The question is: how does new siding increase your home value and curb appeal? In this blog, we’ll cover exactly how siding takes your curb appeal to the next level, along with a couple of tips to help you find out which siding style is right for you. 

Does New Siding Increase Home Value? The Answer Is Yes!

According to Remodeling Magazine, new siding can boost your home value by as much as 76.7 percent. That means that if you have a home improvement project averaging at $15,072, you can expect to get back $11,554. 

How does new siding increase home value? First, think about the aesthetic appeal. New siding ensures a fresh, polished appearance for your home exterior, making your house look brand new. This attracts potential buyers by increasing your curb appeal.

In fact, the National Association of REALTORS® Research Department suggests that 96 percent of real estate agents recommend home sellers increase curb appeal before putting a home on the market. Curb appeal is a potential buyer’s first impression. 

When searching for a new home, the first thing that catches most people’s eye is the home exterior. That means your siding should be on point to appeal to potential buyers the best and increase the value your home sells for when you’re ready to list it. 

Next, consider the functionality. Replacing your old siding protects your home interior, prevents the weather from coming indoors, and keeps the hot and cool air where it should be. This enhances your home value by keeping your energy costs down, reducing the chance of mold, and preventing your exterior from wearing down as the seasons go on.

While wear-and-tear can happen over time, the right siding will last a long time and provide the exterior and interior benefits you need for your home. 

Other Reasons to Replace Your Old Siding 

In addition to raising your home value, we recommend replacing your siding if you notice any of the following:

  • Cracks
  • Bubbling
  • Holes
  • Fading
  • Bending
  • Peeling
  • Mold or mildew
  • Termites
  • Water on your walls
  • Higher-than-average utility bills

Please Note: A siding repair may also be sufficient. Talk to your local Albany contractor to find out what is right for you. 

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How to Choose Between the Different Types of Siding

When you choose a siding contractor, such as the friendly professionals at Top Form Contracting, you’ll have the choice between various siding materials. 

James Hardie lap siding, vertical siding, and board siding are some of our top recommendations–which far outweigh vinyl in terms of quality and performance. To narrow down your choice in siding, ask yourself:

  • “Do I have time to maintain the siding myself?” If not, a low-maintenance siding (such as James Hardie fiber-cement siding) is your best bet. This type of siding requires virtually no upkeep, making it easy to work into your schedule if it ever comes up. 
  • “Will I need to replace all my siding or just a panel or two?” Replacing your siding costs a bit more than repairing existing siding. However, if your siding is beyond repair, a siding replacement is essential to ensure your home is safe from mold, rot, and other damage. (Don’t worry. Top Form Contracting offers repairs, replacements, and installations to make your life easy.) 
  • “What is my budget?” If you’re looking for quality siding at an affordable cost, Hardie plank siding is a good choice. There are also many other beautiful, economical choices out there, including fiber cement, to consider for your new siding install.
  • “What do my neighbors have?” While you could be tempted to choose a polar opposite type of siding than what your neighbors have up, this can take a toll on your curb appeal. Instead, it’s best to choose something that blends in with the other houses in the area to keep potential buyers interested.

Work With One of the Top Siding Companies in Albany, OR

Is new siding worth it and a good investment? That’s easy. Absolutely. New siding improves your curb appeal, making your home stand out to buyers. Also, remember that choosing the right siding company is just as important as your choice of siding. 

Here at Top Form Contracting, we utilize only the highest-grade materials and tools to ensure your siding lasts. We’ll even offer personalized recommendations to ensure you select the best siding for your unique home. 

Ready to get your home sold fast? Top Form Contracting is here to perform any siding installations or repairs you need. Contact our office online now, or call (541) 926-4597 for a free estimate. 

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