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cost to replace siding in Albany, OR

Every day, more and more customers ask us to replace their existing siding. Why? Apart from repairing siding damage, changing out your siding can increase your curb appeal and make your home more appealing to buyers.

Here at Top Form Contracting, we do our best to give you a quality siding product and an unmatched customer service experience. To do that, we source the most durable siding brands at affordable prices. 

Now, we know that the cost of siding is important to our customers. This blog will give you some answers and help you figure out whether the time to swap your siding is now. 

What Is the Average Cost of Siding?

The average siding cost per square foot is about $12. However, this can vary depending on the type of siding you use and your home’s square footage.

For instance, 2,000-square-foot homes require more siding than 1,500-square-foot homes. The siding installation may take longer, and the cost may go up to accommodate that as you’ll require more materials. 

If your old siding is still in good condition, but you want to try a new siding style, we may go over it. That will help keep your costs down. However, old and worn-down siding often requires a replacement, which factors into the overall cost of your siding project. 

Tip: If you’re looking for durable, affordable siding that requires virtually no upkeep, we recommend James Hardie. You won’t have to invest in new siding anytime soon or schedule siding repairs, as James Hardie siding lasts 30 years on average (often up to 50 years).

How to Calculate the Cost of Siding

If you have the time, you can estimate the cost by divvying up your home exterior into squares, rectangles, and triangles. For the squares, you’ll get your square footage by multiplying the height by the length. 

To figure out the square footage for the triangles, multiply the height by the length, and divide that number by two. (Remember to subtract the windows.)

Next, you can combine the square footage for the squares and triangles to come up with the total amount of square footage of siding required. You’ll also want to include labor and material costs, which vary by brand and company. 

As you can tell, estimating the cost of siding is no easy task. For that reason, we are happy to send someone out to do a free measurement. We’ll then provide an estimated cost. By taking the extra steps to measure your home, we can help you get the best rates in the Albany and Corvallis region. 

new siding installation in Albany, OR

Request a Quote for a New Siding Cost | Albany, OR

There’s no need to turn to a siding cost estimator when you work with Top Form Contracting. Our experts will measure your home exterior and provide an estimate for your siding at no cost to you. 

The cost of siding might vary depending on the style you select, but one thing is for certain: we’ll make sure it’s easy on the budget and lasts for decades.

Ready to schedule a new siding install or siding replacement? Top Form Contracting will ensure you get the best product at a competitive price–all within a timeline that works for you. Contact us online today, or call (541) 926-4597 for a free estimate.

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