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Does New Siding Increase Your Home Value and Curb Appeal?

Does New Siding Increase Your Home Value and Curb Appeal?

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we get our fair share of rain. This, in addition to other types of weather, can deteriorate your siding over time. That means dulling the color and weakening the siding’s integrity, which can allow the natural elements to creep inside. 

Instead of leaving your siding helpless against the temperamental Oregon weather, consider replacing the siding on your house. Not only can it keep your home exterior strong and intact, but it can also elevate your home value and increase your curb appeal for potential buyers.

The question is: how does new siding increase your home value and curb appeal? In this blog, we’ll cover exactly how siding takes your curb appeal to the next level, along with a couple of tips to help you find out which siding style is right for you. 

Does New Siding Increase Home Value? The Answer Is Yes!

According to Remodeling Magazine, new siding can boost your home value by as much as 76.7 percent. That means that if you have a home improvement project averaging at $15,072, you can expect to get back $11,554. 

How does new siding increase home value? First, think about the aesthetic appeal. New siding ensures a fresh, polished appearance for your home exterior, making your house look brand new. This attracts potential buyers by increasing your curb appeal.

In fact, the National Association of REALTORS® Research Department suggests that 96 percent of real estate agents recommend home sellers increase curb appeal before putting a home on the market. Curb appeal is a potential buyer’s first impression. 

When searching for a new home, the first thing that catches most people’s eye is the home exterior. That means your siding should be on point to appeal to potential buyers the best and increase the value your home sells for when you’re ready to list it. 

Next, consider the functionality. Replacing your old siding protects your home interior, prevents the weather from coming indoors, and keeps the hot and cool air where it should be. This enhances your home value by keeping your energy costs down, reducing the chance of mold, and preventing your exterior from wearing down as the seasons go on.

While wear-and-tear can happen over time, the right siding will last a long time and provide the exterior and interior benefits you need for your home. 

Other Reasons to Replace Your Old Siding 

In addition to raising your home value, we recommend replacing your siding if you notice any of the following:

  • Cracks
  • Bubbling
  • Holes
  • Fading
  • Bending
  • Peeling
  • Mold or mildew
  • Termites
  • Water on your walls
  • Higher-than-average utility bills

Please Note: A siding repair may also be sufficient. Talk to your local Albany contractor to find out what is right for you. 

PNW Home in the middle of forest with large deck

How to Choose Between the Different Types of Siding

When you choose a siding contractor, such as the friendly professionals at Top Form Contracting, you’ll have the choice between various siding materials. 

James Hardie lap siding, vertical siding, and board siding are some of our top recommendations–which far outweigh vinyl in terms of quality and performance. To narrow down your choice in siding, ask yourself:

  • “Do I have time to maintain the siding myself?” If not, a low-maintenance siding (such as James Hardie fiber-cement siding) is your best bet. This type of siding requires virtually no upkeep, making it easy to work into your schedule if it ever comes up. 
  • “Will I need to replace all my siding or just a panel or two?” Replacing your siding costs a bit more than repairing existing siding. However, if your siding is beyond repair, a siding replacement is essential to ensure your home is safe from mold, rot, and other damage. (Don’t worry. Top Form Contracting offers repairs, replacements, and installations to make your life easy.) 
  • “What is my budget?” If you’re looking for quality siding at an affordable cost, Hardie plank siding is a good choice. There are also many other beautiful, economical choices out there, including fiber cement, to consider for your new siding install.
  • “What do my neighbors have?” While you could be tempted to choose a polar opposite type of siding than what your neighbors have up, this can take a toll on your curb appeal. Instead, it’s best to choose something that blends in with the other houses in the area to keep potential buyers interested.

Work With One of the Top Siding Companies in Albany, OR

Is new siding worth it and a good investment? That’s easy. Absolutely. New siding improves your curb appeal, making your home stand out to buyers. Also, remember that choosing the right siding company is just as important as your choice of siding. 

Here at Top Form Contracting, we utilize only the highest-grade materials and tools to ensure your siding lasts. We’ll even offer personalized recommendations to ensure you select the best siding for your unique home. 

Ready to get your home sold fast? Top Form Contracting is here to perform any siding installations or repairs you need. Contact our office online now, or call (541) 926-4597 for a free estimate. 

Top 7 Home Siding Options: Which Style Is Right for You?

Top 7 Home Siding Options: Which Style Is Right for You?

You might know that siding boosts a home’s value and increases curb appeal, but did you know that you’re not limited to just one style? That’s right. With Top Form Contracting, you have various siding materials and colors at your fingertips, providing the ultimate design versatility.

Perhaps, you’d like a traditional look that reminds you of the childhood home where you grew up, or maybe modern siding is more your speed. The beauty of siding is that the design options have no end. 

We offer quality siding in a multitude of styles so that you create the standout home exterior that feels most like you. Below, we’ll share seven of the top home siding options to help you in your search for the perfect siding for your home. 

Top 7 Home Siding Options: Which Style Is Right for You?

When you trust Top Form Contracting with your siding installation or siding repairs, we guarantee that you’ll have the ultimate design versatility. We pride ourselves on offering multiple siding choices because, as you know, everyone’s tastes are different, and you deserve siding that reflects the vision you have for your home. 

Below are seven highly recommended home siding options to consider. As always, if you’re looking for something else, just say the word. We’re confident that we can find a siding style that fits your desired aesthetic and keeps your home looking beautiful all year.

#1: Fiber-Cement Siding

James Hardie fiber-cement siding is one of the most durable siding brands on the market. It’s pre-primed and finish-ready, with a variety of style and color options available. That gives you a high level of design versatility, allowing you to recreate your home exterior with a single installation. 

#2: Lap Siding

HardiePlank lap siding offers the utmost flexibility for your siding plans. It incorporates impressive ColorPlus® Technology to ensure the siding color stays as pristine as day one, despite the natural elements, which tend to cause fading over time. With all James Hardie products, you can trust that the quality is there. 

#3: Cedar Shake

Many homeowners turn to cedar shake siding for unparalleled natural beauty. The color varies based on the type of cedar you select, which makes the end product that much more magical as you gaze on your beautiful white, red, or dark brown cedar shake siding. It’s also more pest and rot-resistant than other types of wood siding. 

#4: Vertical Siding

When you install siding planks in a top-to-bottom vertical format, you get the perks of what we call vertical siding. It’s a modern, newly popular trend that’s less common than lap siding, making it unique and appealing to the eye as neighbors stroll by your home. Cleanup is also easy as can be, as the water goes right down the planks and hits the ground safely, reaching the drains and getting rid of any dirt and residue. 

#5: Brick

This type of home siding is known for being strong, long lasting, low maintenance, and beautiful. You can select brick siding in multiple colors, whatever suits your unique style. Brick siding is eye-catching, yes, but it also provides superior fire and sound resistance. That’s especially beneficial if you work from home or have a family and need a little peace and quiet during your day.

#6: Stone

Real stone and stone veneer protect your home’s integrity by providing exceptional defense against the elements. Living in Albany, you might be used to the rain wearing down your home exterior. However, stone siding offers great protection against weather, all while boasting a beautiful and natural design made from one of the strongest materials. 

#7: Stucco

Stucco is a sought-after siding style that consists of cement, sand, lime, water, and the occasional fibers. It’s a durable, flexible material that adds a beautiful finishing touch to homes throughout Albany and the surrounding cities. You can opt for any color you desire and modify the design in any way you wish to make it unique. 

Let the experts at Top Form Contracting help you with your Siding needs!

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Don’t want your home to look like just another house on the block? Not to worry. Top Form Contracting offers the highest level of design versatility with all our home siding options. 

Whether you’re looking for durable fiber-cement siding or elegant brick siding, it’s never been so easy to install beauty into a house. Our contractors work diligently to ensure the finished product is just like you imagined it would be: perfect for your home.

Want a reliable siding installer who knows how to beautify your home exterior the right way? Top Form Contracting is a leading choice in Albany, OR, for modern and traditional siding. Reach out online today, or call us at (541) 926-4597 to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate for all your siding replacement, repair, and installation needs. 


Siding Replacement Guide for Homeowners

Siding Replacement Guide for Homeowners

Ready to replace your home siding? We’re happy to hear it!

Top Form Contracting helps homeowners in Albany and elsewhere in the Willamette Valley transform their home through professional siding replacements. Whether you want to upgrade outdated siding, or simply want to remodel your home’s exterior for a more modern look, we can help!

In this article, we’re dishing out the most important factors you need to consider before diving into your home siding replacement. First, we’ll discuss the most important thing you need to know before you start. Then, we’ll give you four factors to consider to help you narrow down the perfect siding choice for your home.

Let’s get started!

Professional siding installation and replacement

The #1 Thing You Must Know About Siding Replacements

If you consider a siding replacement, the number one thing you need to know is that replacements are not as simple as you might think. You can likely manage minor repairs on your own, but it is unrealistic to turn a complete home siding replacement into a DIY project.

Many homeowners get in over their heads when they decide to revamp their home exterior without prior experience or professional guidance. It can be easy to get ahead of yourself, especially with the prospect of a beautiful home exterior on the horizon.

However, if you need a siding replacement, working with a professional is an absolute ‘must.’ Read on to learn more about why we recommend teaming up with an experienced crew for your siding replacement.

Portland siding services

Why You Need a Professional Siding Contractor

While you may luck out and know a family member or friend with some experience with siding replacements, most of us aren’t so lucky. Hiring a professional team is almost always necessary, especially if you are doing a complete overhaul of your home siding. A minor repair is manageable with a friend with experience, but it is always best to work with a crew for larger projects.

Our siding replacement contractors in Albany are insured, experienced, and able to assess a range of siding problems and recommend appropriate repairs. Going with an amateur contractor may leave you with a mess on your hands, requiring you to eventually hire a professional crew anyway. It is best to work with a team you know you can trust right from the start.

Ultimately, you’ll save yourself time, money, and a lot of stress and heartache by choosing an upstanding contractor. Before you get excited and begin tearing down your old siding, connect with a professional that has experience with home siding replacements. You’ll thank yourself (and us) later.

Siding Replacement Options

Now that we’ve gotten that important message out of the way, let’s discuss your options. Color, brand, durability, maintenance, and style should all factor into your final decision. Your siding, after all, is the wrapping of your home. Its appeal (or lack of) can make or break first impressions.

Not only that, but your home siding completely transforms your house, making you feel right at home — or not. Let’s jump into the main considerations you will want to discuss with your siding contractor to ensure your final result exceeds your expectations.


The style of your siding will likely be your first consideration. Do you want a traditional colonial look? What about modern, sleek siding?

There are all different textures, designs, and styles to consider. Working with a professional contractor will give you the chance to consider the pros and cons of multiple siding styles.


At Top Form Contracting, James Hardie Siding is our preferred siding brand. Time and again, their siding increases curb appeal and home efficiency, thanks to their innovative materials and technology. It is easy to choose a James Hardie Siding that fits your preferences since they produce a variety of different siding styles.


Different siding styles and textures will require more or less upkeep. If you prefer minimal maintenance, there are plenty of options to choose from. If maintenance is an important factor in your decision making, get in touch with one of our experts for low maintenance, durable siding recommendations that will complement your home and lifestyle.


Last but not least, and arguably the most fun part, is picking the color. Color selection is something homeowners look forward to the most. Whether you want to get ultra creative and add bright blue vinyl siding or stick with a timeless earth tone, the possibilities (as cliche it sounds) are endless.

Professional portland siding

How Much Will My Home Siding Replacement Cost?

So, how much will your siding replacement cost you? The total dollar amount may be your number one concern when it comes to your siding replacement. When you choose to upgrade your home’s exterior, always look at it as an investment. The ROI you gain from making periodic upgrades can dramatically pay you back in the long run.

The exact cost of your siding replacement will depend on the size of your home, the number of materials needed to get the job done, as well as the brand and style of siding you select.

Because project costs vary considerably, we encourage you to call our contractors for an estimate.

Professional portland siding services

The Top 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior Siding

1. How Should I Prepare My Home Before a Siding Replacement?

Removal of items from the home’s interior wall is a good idea, so our siding crews don’t knock things off the wall or damage items during siding installation and removal.

You might want to trim any overgrown shrubs to make it easier for the siding crew to work on your home without damaging the landscaping or shrubbery. Although we will be as careful as possible, sometimes some damage is unavoidable.

2. How Can I Choose the Best Color Siding for My Home?
The majority of customers choose a color for their exterior siding that suits both their home’s surroundings and their neighbors’ homes. We recommend that homeowners pick a color that reflects their aesthetic preferences.

3. What is the Typical Lifespan of Siding?
You can expect James Hardie Siding to last for at least 30 years, although it might outlive you. It is always a good idea to choose an exterior siding product that is best suited to your climate so that it has an optimal lifespan.

4. Does Siding Require Maintenance?
A home’s exterior is never maintenance free; however, exterior siding requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl siding requires occasional pressure washing to remove dirt and grime, and fiber cement exterior siding, like James Hardie, will need to be repainted every 15 to 20 years.

For your exterior siding to not age prematurely, it is crucial that your gutters work properly, and that they be pointed away from your home so that water does not puddle up on or penetrate your exterior siding.

5. Is it Expensive to Fix or Replace Siding?
The cost for exterior siding replacements may vary widely depending on the scope of the project and how much siding is required. A complete replacement is usually the best option for homeowners compared to replacing sections or bits and pieces. Complete replacements are pricey, but you get the best results both short-term and long-term.

6. Should You Replace Your Windows When Installing New Siding?
Replacement of siding at the same time as replacing your windows is best; this prevents water infiltration and allows the best flashing protection. Professional siding companies prepare your house for new installation by preparing your existing windows for new installation.

7. Is New Siding a Good Investment For My Home?

Yes! Siding is the envelope of your home and often the first exterior element that catches the eye. Not only does siding look nice, it protects your home’s interior from harsh elements and wear and tear. Siding is one of the best investments you can make on your home, whether you plan to sell it in the future or remain in place for several years.

Custom home built in the PNW by Top Form Contracting

Schedule Your Siding Replacement | Top Form Contracting

Ready to get started with your siding replacement? Top Form Contracting in Albany guarantees high-quality workmanship, professional services, and great customer services.

We understand that nothing means more to you than your home. As your most precious asset, we take the time and care required to listen to you and deliver a final result you will love, and your neighbors will envy.

Reach out to us on our Contact Page to tell us more about your siding replacement project, or call us at (541) 926-4597 for an estimate.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hardie Board Siding for Your Albany Home

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hardie Board Siding for Your Albany Home

hardie board siding | Albany, OR
Are you building your home from the ground up? Maybe you’re planning an exterior remodel. Either way, we know how much time you’ve probably invested already into what type of siding is best for your home. One of the top options on the market is Hardie Board siding, and today, we’re going to tell you why!

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why Hardie Board siding is both durable and environmentally friendly
  • How Hardie Board siding can increase home value and curb appeal
  • How to customize your siding to suit your style
  • Why Top Form Contracting is the preferred siding installer in Albany
  • And more!

Let’s get right into it!

Looking for an estimate for a Hardie Board siding installation in Albany, Corvallis, or the surrounding cities? Get in touch with Top Form Contracting today. We are here to help.

hardie board siding | Albany, Oregon


You will LOVE Hardie Board siding if you want long-lasting, durable, and stunning siding that will serve your household well for decades. Keep reading to learn the top seven reasons why homeowners like you put their trust in this type of James Hardie siding.


When it comes to your home’s exterior, longevity is key. Your siding is the first line of defense against wind, rain, and other inclement weather. Without a strong side intended to last several decades, you will likely face constant siding repairs.

With Hardie Board siding, however, you can rest easy! Hardie Board siding has a longer lifespan than the majority of other siding options on the market. It never rots, and it’s warp-resistant.

James Hardie products also come with a 30- to 50-year warranty. With proper installation and a long-term warranty, you never have to worry about replacements. That’s a major factor to consider in your choice of siding.


In addition to being long-lasting, Hardie Board siding is made with a durable material that’s resistant to weather, insect infestations, mold, and moisture damage.

It maintains its attractiveness regardless of weather conditions, including extreme heat. Also, unlike vinyl siding, Hardie Board siding is durable against dents and scratches.


It is safe to say that most homeowners don’t want to spend an eternity on maintenance, especially when it comes to their home’s exterior.

Hardie Board is a siding material that’s fade resistant and doesn’t need to be repainted as often as other materials (it generally lasts about 7-10 years)–unless you change your mind and want a new color entirely. With a simple rinse-off and non-abrasive brush at most, you can enjoy beautiful siding year-round with minimal effort.


One of the best things about James Hardie Board siding is the availability of colors and style options. Every homeowner can choose a uniquely customized siding that complements other exterior components.

Here are the types of Hardie Board siding to consider for your home:

  • HardiePlank Lap Siding: This siding is timeless in its look, color, texture, and beauty. HardiePlank lap siding is the best-selling product made by James Hardie.
  • HardiePanel Vertical Siding: With crisp, clean lines, this modern siding is perfect for a contemporary home or farmhouse-style exterior.
  • HardieShingle Siding: This siding resembles cedar shingles with all the strength and durability inherent to James Hardie siding. HardieShingle is rot-resistant, as well as warp and split resistant. It is perfect for cottage or Cape Cod style homes.


Hardie Board siding increases the value of your home, thanks to its natural wood appearance. You will enjoy the stunning look of gorgeous siding, without the risk of moisture damage often found with real wood siding.

By investing in Hardie Board siding, you can emphasize your personal style and get a substantial ROI and increased curb appeal while you’re at it.


Hardie Board siding is known as one of the “greenest” brands on the market. In fact, in 2017, the Green Builder Media annual Readers’ Choice Survey named James Hardie siding the “Greenest Siding Brand” for its sixth consecutive year.

Thanks to their sustainable practices and natural materials, James Hardie is an environmentally friendly siding you are sure to love.


Because Hardie Board siding is durable, long-lasting, and comes with a fantastic warranty, you can increase the value of your home immediately after installation.

Whether you plan to stay in your home for many more years or sell soon, you can feel confident that Hardie Board siding will increase your home value.

hardie board siding in Albany, OR


At Top Form Contracting, we are proud to offer the natural wood siding appearance that you have been looking for–at a timeline and price point that you can count on. (Hardie Board siding and fiber cement siding are just a few of our specialties.)

Here are some reviews about our services:

“I have used Top Form for many projects over the years. Calling into the office and talking to a live person that is knowledgeable and friendly is always refreshing. Gabe and his years of experience and willingness to overcome obstacles are rare these days. His crew is always professional and hard working. You wont go wrong with this company.” – Courtney O. 

“1st class organization. Professional, friendly people through out the Top Form team! I have worked with them for many years and I don’t hesitate to highly recommend them!” – Bruce C.

“Courteous and responsive. High quality work. They completed the work well in advance of the promised date. We are very happy with the work they performed.” – Brent D. 


If you’re interested in installing Hardie Board siding for your home in Albany, Oregon, look no further than Top Form Contracting! We have years of experience installing and maintaining Hardie Board siding for Albany homeowners and other surrounding cities.

We’ll help you pick the perfect color and style for your home, and ensure your installation exceeds your expectations.

When you work with Top Form Contracting, you can expect to be treated like family. We take great pride in our ability to provide exceptional installations and cultivate lasting relationships with our clients. No matter how extensive your installation is, we ensure every edge of your home is perfectly covered with the brand-new siding you deserve.

To get started with your Hardie Board siding installation in Albany or elsewhere in the region, fill out our contact form on our Contact page, or give us a call at (541) 926-4597. We’re James Hardie preferred contractors in Albany, and we’re here to assist you.

Learn more about our other great home installation and remodeling services on the following pages:

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hardie board siding in Albany, Oregon
How to Repair Vinyl Siding: A DIY Guide

How to Repair Vinyl Siding: A DIY Guide

Ladder, Gloves And Hard Hat

How to Repair Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most common exterior siding options that homeowners choose. The benefits of vinyl siding are nearly limitless, and it is no wonder why homeowners prefer this type of siding over most others.

Vinyl siding is low maintenance, durable, easy to clean, and adds an abundance of curb appeal. However, even with all of its benefits, you will likely need to repair vinyl siding at some point or another.

The extent of the repair will depend on why you need to repair vinyl siding in the first place, the age of the vinyl siding, and other factors. Most of the time, homeowners can perform minor vinyl siding repairs on their own without too much hassle.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Signs you need to repair vinyl siding
  • How to repair vinyl siding on your own
  • Steps to take if you need help to repair vinyl siding

Peeling paint on siding

Signs You Need to Repair Vinyl Siding

How do you know if you need to repair vinyl siding in the first place? Here are some signs to look for that indicate it is time to get serious about a repair:

  • Holes or cracks are present
  • The siding is loose or peeling
  • You notice signs of dry rot, fungus, or mold
  • The siding is not maintaining its color
  • The siding requires frequent repainting
  • The panels are starting to warp
  • Vinyl Siding Installation

    How to Repair Vinyl Siding on Your Own

    Before you start to repair vinyl siding on your own, you will need to determine whether you want to perform the repair with caulking, a patch, or a new siding panel altogether. You will find the steps for each option described below.

    Repair Vinyl Siding with Caulking

    Caulking as a means to repair vinyl siding is best reserved for smaller holes and quick touch-ups. You can caulk any holes or punctures on your own to repair vinyl siding quickly and effectively.

    • 1 – Clean the Area
      Before you start, clean the siding with a sponge, water, and soap. Be sure to let it dry completely before you start caulking it.
    • 2 – Prepare the Caulk Gun
      Make sure to follow the instructions and prepare the caulking. A caulk gun is a great tool that will help make application easier and less messy.
    • 3 – Fill the Hole
      Insert the caulk gun into the hole in the siding and begin filling it carefully. Work slowly and methodically, so you don’t overfill the hole. The goal is to seal it enough to prevent water from entering.
    • 4 – Let the Caulk Dry Completely
      Caulking can take up to 24 hours to dry. Before you move onto the last step, you must give the caulk at least a full day to sit and dry.
    • 5 – Paint Over the Area
      After you have caulked the area, you can use matching paint to conceal the job and leave it looking as good as new.

    House exterior paint peeling off

    Repair Vinyl Siding with a Patch

    If the hole or crack in your paneling is too large for caulking alone, you will need to patch it. Although this step may require more work than simply caulking the hole, it is well worth the effort to fix the problem.

  • 1 – Clean the Area
    Use soap and water to clean the paneling, leaving it to dry in the sun for at least 2 hours or so.
  • 2 – Cut the Patch to Size
    Next, cut a patch of paneling that is slightly bigger than the hole or crack you are trying to cover.
  • 3 – Test the Patch
    Before you start application, test the patch to ensure it will fit nicely over the crack. If necessary, trim the patch along the edges until it fits correctly.
  • 4 – Apply the Patch
    Patch the damage by applying a small bit of caulk to the patch and to the paneling you are adhering the patch to. Apply an even amount of pressure to the patch to secure its position and ensure a proper fit.
  • 5 – Let it Dry Completely
    Let the caulk dry completely before removing any excess caulking and cleaning the area once more.

Blue Front Door of a brand new construction house with blue siding, a  ranch style home with a yard

How Do I Know if I Need Professional Vinyl Siding Repair?

If at any point during the DIY repair process you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, or making things worse, don’t hesitate to call a professional! Quick fixes may suffice in certain situations, but a more complex repair or replacement may be required. Replacing the paneling on your own can be difficult without the right knowledge and tools.

It might be worth your while to call in a professional for an inspection at first to see what they recommend. An inspection will help answer right away whether or not you should attempt a vinyl siding repair on your own. Depending on the extent of the damage, a siding replacement may be on your horizon to fully remedy the problem.

Request Vinyl Siding Repair in Albany

Top Form Contracting is your go-to source for vinyl siding repair in Albany, Corvallis, and elsewhere in the area. You will love working with our team of highly experienced, professional contractors.

Let us know more about your vinyl siding repair needs by filling out our contact form on our Contact Page . Or, give us a call at (541) 926-4597 for immediate assistance.

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